Honestly, I'm not the type to completely sit here and nit-pick at someone else's work. (Unless the plot has serious problems) However, the more I read it, the more I wonder how the fuck did it get past editing? How did Vintage books let this slip by? So. I did the rational thing. I made a blog about it. Why the hell not?


A Really Huge Apology

I owe everyone who follows this a huge apology. I have been so busy and I’m currently in the middle of hunting for a job and getting ready to move to Texas. Eventually. Hopefully before I melt as of result to exposure to California summer weather —more of a winter person myself.

I’m going to try to put time into this because I fully intend to see it to the finish, if there ever was one. It seems the Fifty Shades of Shit is completely unending.

This is my personal blog.

This is John’s.

We’ll both be putting more work into this as our schedules ease up.

Thank you so much for sticking with us :)



Best book ever. Truly inspiring. 

This book is, arguably, a better work of literature than Fifty Shades of Grey.